What We Do

What We Do
Mobile Web Builders build websites that are designed to be simple to navigate, clear to read and easy to operate on every device, including smartphones and other handheld devices.

On a desktop or laptop computer they appear as information-rich conventional sites but, as they can detect which type of device is viewing them, whether a small screen like a smartphone or a 27″ monitor, they will change to serve up your information in the most easily accessible format.

We know that on a smartphone any website can be viewed by enlarging the text or scrolling from left to right, line by line to search for information, but really, in our time-poor and information rich society, who wants to?

Ask yourself why somebody is viewing your website on their smartphone rather than their desktop or laptop…

Answer: Time and Location!
People use their smartphones to view websites when they are not at their desk. They could be waiting in a queue with a few minutes to spare. They might be on a train or plane. They might even be in a shop looking at the price of your products.

Many of your clients do not have the time to expand and hunt around on a website that has not been optimised for mobile for the information they want. Their screen is small and their connection may be slow.

They want information quickly. On a smartphone, they will be using their fingers to navigate your website rather than a mouse. Text and navigation need to be suitable for fingers i.e. bigger. Finger tips are far less accurate than a mouse pointer.

This is where Mobile Web Builders can make the difference, by building you a futureproof website that will always look its best, whatever device is being used to view it.

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Other Things Mobile Web Builders Do
Dedicated Musicians Sites
We are in the process of developing a special web platform just for musicians and bands. Demos and samples will be available to see shortly…

Mobile-only Sites
We are more than happy to create a stripped down version of your existing website, assuming you’re completely happy with it, that ONLY appears when being view on a smartphone.

Logo Design
If your business wants to strengthen its brand identity, our in-house design team can create your logo for you from only £99.