The smartphone revolution is here… Is YOUR business ready?

Mobile websites for iPhone, Android, Blackberry and all other smartphones and tablets
Mobile Web Builders build websites that are specifically designed to be clear to read and easy to operate on smartphones and tablets, as well as conventional laptop or desktop computers.

They identify the type of device that is being used to view them and respond directly to that information to deliver your site in the most appropriate format.


Why you need it
More and more people are accessing the internet using iPhones, Blackberrys, Android phones like the Samsung Galaxy, and other handheld devices like iPads and similar tablets, and this rate of growth is such that mobile internet access is expect to pass conventional, desk-based access in the UK during 2013.


What’s wrong with “ordinary” websites?
Probably nothing, if you’re looking at them on a laptop or desktop computer.

However, the problem with conventional websites is that they are designed to be seen on much bigger screens so mobile or handheld users are having to spend a lot of time magnifying them and scrolling around on their phones. Phone users normally access the internet in short bursts, often snatched over a few minutes, so they need their information delivered quickly, clearly and cleanly. This is why you need a website that is also optimised for use on the small, mobile screen.

To give you an example, the smartphone below is showing the standard version of a web page, optimised as normal for desktop or laptop computers. Before the user starts to interact, they will first have to enlarge the screen, meaning that much of the webpage then becomes invisible. They will then need to scroll around to find what they need which is not very helpful when time is short.

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