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Immersive VR used by China to entice tourists to travel

High technology is widely used in China to ensure that the clients are enticed to travel using the virtual and the augmented reality. this immersive VR used by china to entice tourist to travel has both online and off-line equipment such as the Ctrip. The potential customers are enabled to have the best experience with a variety of travel destinations. It’s the leading technology that will overtake the use of the brochures, PowerPoint, PDFs, websites and some Apps as reported.


Immersive VR used by China to entice tourists to travel gives them a 3-D feel the site and can really motivate them to book a travel. It’s a technology that can enrich the client’s experience of the tourists at the destinations. It can also allow you to have a buoyant experience on the boat ride around the Lijiang River that surrounded by the mountains in Guilin, Guangxi Zhuang regions. Ctrip also promise to equip China with the VR facilities that can bring more than a thousand attractions!


The general manager at Ctrip reports that the technology will help change the culture of packaging that improves the sale and on-site experiences. Baidu Inc. has also launched another immersive technology of the AR microprogram that’s situated in a major app. This really improves the tourist experience at the places like the Chimelong Safari Park in Guangzhou.


Immersive VR used by China to entice tourist to travel allows them to have an illusion of species of animals in their natural habitat and they can also have the chance to get the introductions to virtual animals, feed and even take the pictures. Combination of the technology and tourism will soon be a prevalence according to Xing Xiaoliang. It’s evident at Safari park where AR location guide leads up to 500 species of more than 20000 wild animals. It’s even possible to buy entrance tickets and publish their personal diaries for travels


Immersive VR used by China to entice tourist to travel will improve the customer communications enhancing the sales. It’s more relevant to attractions that have its emphasis on the sensual experiences that will otherwise require high expense. Li postulates that this technology helps to homogenize the market which in turn diversify the travel products. The technology enhances s the general experience in scenic spots that will ensure repeated visits by the tourists!


With a targeted improvement of this technology, Immersive VR used by the china to entice tourist to travel is likely to pack in more useful shopping information as experienced in its reported increment in market demand by 200%. The technology is experiencing little challenges including the customer complains of dizziness, expensive making it UN affordable to some service providers make it a greatest hindrance!

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