Church disciplines Russian Orthodox priest for lavish Instagram posts

The social blast on Instagram this festive season is quite amazing and controversial at the same time. A Russian Orthodox priest has been rebuked for sharing lavish Gucci posts on Instagram. Vyacheslav Baskakov has also apologised publicly for showing luxury items from Gucci including bags, shoes, and slippers. A senior church official also pointed out that the priest will also be punished for posting lavish items from Louis Vuitton and Gucci. The Russian priest is accused of flaunting luxury silver-buckled shoe slippers, as well as, luggage and handbags from Louis Vuitton estimated to be worth several pounds. The photos were only removed last week after the incident attracted increased public criticism.


Church leaders have accused their priest for the unfortunate “poor taste” and pointed out that a disciplinary committee has been appointed to summon the priest to explain more about his extravagant behaviour. The spokesman for the church located at Kirill, Alexander Volkov observed that the disciplinary committee will bring the priest to account. Volkov also pointed out that the clergymen from Russian Orthodox Church are expected to maintain the highest levels of decorum at all times. They have a core responsibility to ensure both their public and personal lives reflect humbleness.


In 2012, Kirill also experienced a closely related scandal after he was spotted in a meeting wearing a watch with an estimated value of £24,000. The church issued a public apology. Kirill’s aides were accused of airbrushing the lavish watch out of a photo but failing to erase reflection of the time piece in a wooden and polished table. The Russian Orthodox Church priest issued a public apology for his photos explaining that he had suffered an Instagram shut down for his failure to act appropriately and humbly. However, the priest continued to deny owning any of the items from Louis Vuitton and Gucci explaining that he had just picked the controversial photos from stores.


The social blast on Instagram has continued to attract increased criticism from followers. In his fruitless defence, the priest explained that he had just decided to sew expensive looking buckles to some of his footwear. The controversial photos have continued to attract a series of offensive posts on Instagram. The incident shows that influential personalities need to be very sensitive about the content they share on the social media networking platforms including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


The Russian Orthodox Patriarch Kirill’s Church spokesperson affirmed that the disciplinary committee will bring the priest to account for his uncouth behaviour. Most of the Instagram users expressed their dissatisfaction on Instagram after noticing the controversial lavish swag from a clergyman. The social blast caused by the priest on Instagram affirms that the church has no place for unrestrained and immodest personal lifestyle common on the social media networking platforms.

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